The History

The Past

I ran ChairX for over a decade as an offline networking Group as an adjunct to my Technology Executive Search business.

Our members loved the events at smart locations in London such as Claridge’s with great speakers such as Lord Digby Jones and Stelios but the main focus was to make great connections that led to either personal fee income or business advantage for their portfolio companies.

ChairX was ticking over for a while until I went to a Shirlaws business conference for SMEs - this was the catalyst that got me fired up to do CN.2 an online version of the business that I started over a decade ago.

At that time the technology to enable this was way too expensive for a small business, but today it's not.

We have changed the formula and positioning and extended into all market sectors as the meeting place for leaders to meet and collaborate, both online and at regular events.

“Where Leaders Connect and Collaborate”


The Present

During 2016 the new, updated ChairX was re-launched as an online and events-based meeting place for our Chairmen, Members and Sponsors/Partners to connect and collaborate with a like-minded community.

We will always retain the human element and not simply be an online platform, so that trust and relationship-building will be at the core of our business. We are about 10,000 hand-picked registered members of Chairmen, NXD, CEOs and Advisory Boards; hundreds of paid up members and new people joining every day.

As working practices have evolved and we have many senior executives pursuing the flexibility and challenges related to a plural career, ChairX has established its position as the only meeting place you need to underpin and support most aspects of your portfolio career.

In addition to online and offline opportunities for Chairmen and NXD's (most roles are nor advertised at this level and are appointed via word-of-mouth) we offer the best way to make more and relevant connections that will deliver you significant business benefit either as a Chairman, NXD, CEO/MD, Consultant or Board Member.


Connect. Engage. Collaborate!

We have selected the best of breed Your Membership platform for both membership and appointments.

We have created an international platform for networking based around groups. This is proving a trusted way of starting conversations with people and businesses in the UK and internationally that are relevant to your own.

We have created a private job board that should become the only destination if you're recruiting a Chairmen /CEO/NXD as a highly cost -effective way of targeting exactly the right SME community. If you're advertising a job this is only £500 plus VAT if you're not a member and half price for members. How else can you get to exactly the right community at the click of a button?

The network is not expensive and if you engage with us the benefits could be significant. Already our Members are seeing a wide-range of business benefits including Board Appointments.

If you're a business that offers relevant goods and services, you can access our network as a Partner or Sponsor.

Join our thriving network! Diversify your board. Gain new and relevant business connections. Gain a great new Board role. Join ChairX at

Caroline Hayward

Caroline Hayward
Phone: +44 1242 236 277