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ChairX is an International, Collaborative Peer -Group Business Network.

We are an exclusive and authentic private Membership of Executive and Non-Executive Board Directors - Chair, Non-Executive, Advisory Board Members as well as CEO, C-Level Executives, Founders, Entrepreneurs and Partners, across all industry sectors.

We can support you and the Boards on which you sit, with ongoing business networking events and discussions, to keep you up-to-date as well as fostering strong business connections that lead to opportunities.

Join ChairX for:

  • Democratising Business Networking Internationally
  • Thought Leadership, Knowledge Sharing and Business Networking
  • Safe space for authentic discussion and informal peer group support
  • The Home of the Chair/NED/CXO- Join and complete your profile to find and be found for Chair/NED/CXO roles UK/Internationally
  • Pre-qualified authentic business connections – UK/Internationally
  • Open, private discussions with real business leaders- both Executive and Non-Executive. Chatham House- Sessions are not recorded
  • Inclusivity, diversity, equality. Free registration and trial event
  • Source and appoint Board Members : All Members fully searchable and connected 1-1 on our platform
  • Authentic fully interactive Zoom events throughout the year – not webinars
  • Moderated interactive events include Business discussions: Masterminding: Board Dynamics: Networking & Collaboration
  • Focus on business Relationship building- leverage your new and existing business connections
  • Zoom meetings are interactive, safe, inclusive, time-efficient, cost effective, authentic and accessible Internationally
  • “Powered by ChairX” White Label option for your business or network to foster more collaboration
  • Connect, engage and collaborate
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Leverage the power of your Professional relationships

Enhancing Business Collaboration Internationally

We host and facilitate authentic open discussion, new business connections and learning, with International peer group members

Questions? You can also call or email us on +44 (0) 7798 870581

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