What is ChairX?

ChairX is the International Private Membership Business Network for Executive and Non -Executive Board Directors, UK and Internationally, to discuss, connect, engage and do more or better business, with peer group senior executives.

At ChairX we have developed an engaging environment for authentic business discussion, education and networking, which, through the connection of an elite group of business leaders, allows for increased levels of collaboration and business opportunity.

Why do Members join?

Members join for three reasons. Thought Leadership (Members can host events); Learnings (we keep Members up-to-speed on current thinking and upcoming and topical subjects) and Business Networking.

We promote a collaborative culture. 80% of opportunity derives from your network.

We host ongoing fully interactive education and discussion sessions, mainly via Zoom, on current business topics allowing like- minded decision makers Internationally to engage around new and current thinking.

Where does it take place?

Zoom mainly with a few physical events (London/Manchester) and 2 larger Networking Events a year Coffee Meeting 100 + and Christmas Drinks Party 100 + currently in London.

We host 100 Zoom based business discussions, learnings and networking sessions a year.


Events are currently at 11am or 2 pm GMT/BST on Zoom and there are about 8 events online a month plus the ad hoc physical events

How do I join?

Individual Member - £499.00 + VAT per annum (inc. Zoom events)

Platform Member - £120.00 +VAT per annum (no/ad hoc events)

Corporate Membership - From £1200.00 + VAT per annum. Starts with 3 Members (typically CEO/NXD/Chair/CFO) plus logo + link on website

Network Partner Membership - From £1200.00 + VAT per annum. Starts with 3 Members (typically CEO/NXD/Chair/CFO) plus logo + link on website. Opportunity to combine our networks.

Join on the platform at https://www.chairx.network/

Or email us to sign you up on info@chairx.network

Additionally, if you are also interested to find out more about how ChairX can support you - please set up a Zoom meeting with me or one of the team: Caroline https://calendly.com/chayward